Is the Loan via the Internet Secure?

You lack funds for your dream vacation? Did you get the car damaged and the first one still far away? Do you have other needs that require financial inputs? You can reach for a loan via the Internet, thanks to which you will quickly and efficiently obtain the required amount of money without having to complete many formalities. However, is it safe for a borrower to take out loans online without leaving your home?

How it’s working?

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The popularity of internet loans continues to grow. Initially, they were only a supplement to the standard offer of loan companies, providing liabilities in stationary points or directly through mobile customer advisors. Today on the financial market, companies specializing exclusively in online loans are created in direct channels – including by telephone. The customer can conveniently obtain the desired amount of the loan, send an electronic request by e-mail and verify his identity, without having to personally meet with the lender.

Online loans perfectly fit into the need to cover sudden expenses when consumers do not have free money. The lenders have minimum requirements for borrowers, as a result, internet loans are widely available to the majority of clients requesting them.

Security of the consumer and loan company

Security of the consumer and loan company

A borrower taking out a loan online should keep in mind security issues. Before accepting the rules of borrowing and repaying loans in a given company, it is absolutely necessary to read it. Similarly, we should proceed with a loan agreement, made available to us online by the lender or delivered by courier to your home.

It is worth using only the loan offer of reliable loan companies. You can check whether the company operates legally and whether its activities are not in doubt, by looking at the National Court Register and checking the company on the websites of the Financial Supervision Authority or in the registers of the Loan Companies Association. Entry into such registers is voluntary, therefore the fact that an institution does not appear in them does not necessarily mean that it is illegal. The act on mortgage credit and the supervision over mortgage brokers and agents that will become effective in Poland from July 22, 2017, will introduce a new register of loan companies that will facilitate the control of the legality of the company’s operations.

It is very important for the borrower’s security that the connection to the loan company’s website is encrypted.

A loan company that grants loans over the internet is also uncertain about who to make a contract with. It may be a fraud or thieves who impersonate someone else’s data . In order to secure their interests, loan companies more and more often check the credibility and financial situation of the client in the databases of economic information offices. If they give another loan to the same client, the formal requirements are much smaller, as the risk of non-repayment decreases.

Before a positive credit decision is issued, the loan company verifies the customer’s identity. Most often this is done in such a way that it requires a borrower to make a verification transfer for a nominal amount of PLN 1 or 1 grosz. The transfer must exit from the account registered for the data indicated in the loan application and hit the loan company’s account. If the data matches, verification will proceed successfully.